The name Blind Adam may conjure up imagines of a gristeled old bluesman, rocking the Second City's juke circuit in the 60's with greats like BB and Buddy. But this Chicago kid was a straight up punk rocker, knocking out 10 years of playing music and sharing stages with the likes of Bouncing Souls, until he noticed something wasn't right with his vision. After months of tests, he was diagnosed with a rare optic nerve disease called Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON), which leaves those stricken with central vision loss. After adjusting to his new reality, Adam decided it was time to pick the guitar back up. Then comes The Federal League.

On their debut LP, Adam said: "“The songs on this record were written after a long relationship ended and in the aftermath of Donald Trump being elected as the President of the United States. There are sad songs about heartache and loss, being alone and trying to keep things in perspective, remembering friends that have died too early, fighting for a better world, some family history. Even a couple of songs about having a good time and finding some happiness in all of that.”

Having played dozens of shows over the past year, including with Anti-Flag, God Damn Gallows, Cory Call, and large festivals around Chicago, Blind Adam and the Federal League have no intention of letting off the gas, with a gaggle of gigs and new music coming early and late 2019.

Chicago's own folk-punk-Americana outfit merge powerful lyrics and scorching melodies with a punk rock attitude”

The Daily Country